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Husband animates joke about tortilla chips told by his drunk wife.

This is absolutely hilarious and adorable.

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you’ve got me



don’t sell me that i’m beautiful. 

don’t sell me that i, too, can be
big, bold, beautiful,
like those letters branded across her chest, pushing her
face from the frame. don’t sell me those 



that arm, that leg, that wrist, belonging to a woman, any
woman, who filled the blanks: a template cut to fit,
with a body shaved thinner, curvier, an hourglass sculpted
out of the time i am being saved. (saved, as though i needed 
rescuing.) don’t sell me that
he, she
can be beautiful! as though i am neglecting
some unknown potential, as though i am not, 
not quite, not yet

do not sell me your beautiful and shame 
me into loving myself. there is nowhere on my skin, no
fine print welded into stretch marks, that demands
that i
be beautiful, but only that i exist, beautiful
or not. 

(hafsa atique)

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